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I have been away from Gaia so much lately. I misses all the Dinghers so muchly!! *gonk* Aside from the fact that Gaia has been acting really stupid I have another very good reason for being absent.. And that reason is called: Ragnarok Online!!

Have any of you heard of this game? I'd been itching to play it since they first put up their site even before they went into the beta-testing phase. Back then I was stuck with a 56k modem so the beta-test was out of the question for me. I didn't have the patience to download forever. That and the fact that the game is originally in Korean. *laughs*

Now there are free private servers popping up all over. Yay to playing a pay-to-play game for free! *bounces* So yeah.. I've been playing like a thing possessed. It would be really cool if you guys would come and play too. The Dinghers could take over the world of Ragnarok, it would be grand!

Here's what to do if you'd like to join me:

- Download kRO here
- Download kRO Sakray here
- Install kRO and kRO sakray to whatever directory you wish
- Patch using the following programs in the exact order
- Download NuRO installer here
- Install to your Ragnarok Online directory
- Run the NuRO icon on your desktop
- Register your account on the NuRO website and you're ready to play!

The downloads are really long, it took me about ten hours to get everything set up but my connection's really slow. The wait is definitely worth it though. I hope we can all play together soon! My chara's name is Kale by the way so if you do make it on just message me and I'll come running.
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